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About Our Foundation

Raising Awareness

Our mission is to show people of all ages the benefits of a trade career.

Shaping the Future

Our goal is to provide people career path opportunities in all trades.

Sustainable Careers

Careers in trade are in constant necessity, providing security to all people.

Broad Study Fields

We make career connections in construction, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and much more!

Meet The Founder

Tony Milliken is passionate about people finding successful careers in the trades. He invests in people and looks for the right opportunities for them to invest their skills and grow to their fullest potential.

His goal for Trades for Success is to inform and educate regarding the great opportunities available for a trade industry career and for the opportunities to be as easily accessed as the opportunity to go to college. While college is the right path for some careers, there are many highly skilled career opportunities that can be accessed via concise specialized or on-the-job training.

Fullfilling work and relationships are waiting for those who love the trades and Tony wants to help facilitate the connections between the right people and companies!

Changing the Workforce, One Opportunity at a Time.

For every 5 workers retiring from the trade industry, only 1 enters. Trades For Success is a non-profit that raises awareness for people of all ages about the benefits of the trade industry.


Ever Pena

Ever Pena

Ever Peña is a Gallatin High School graduate who went to Volunteer State Community College to study Business Management. He did not know exactly what he wanted to do, but thought that college was a good place to start off. After being enrolled for one year, he asked himself “Do I really want to do this?” He then made the decision to leave a college degree behind and join the workforce. Ever is 20 years old and has a successful career in the trade industry. He enjoys what he does and is following in the footsteps of many family members before him.

Marcos And Tucker

Marcos And Tucker

Marcos Rosales and Tucker Milliken are on the Self Perform Team at The Milliken Corporation. Both young men are under the age of 20. Both work full time and have a successful career in the trade industry, no college needed.
This is what we love to see! The future is looking bright for the trade industry knowing that young men and women are entering into successful careers!

Will Green

Will Green

Will Green is 20 years old from White House, TN. He owns and operates two businesses, Green’s Landscaping along with Green’s Holiday lighting pro! He started Green’s Landscaping while in high school my junior year by doing lawncare and light landscaping. He knew then that he would either go to trade school or start his own business. School isn’t for everyone as it wasn’t for him and that is okay! Today almost four and a half years later his company only mows a handful of properties and mainly focus on landscaping, excavating, and land management from March through September. His holiday lighting business is so much more than holiday lighting as he does does jobs that a typical electrical contractor wouldn’t prefer to do such as low voltage landscaping lights as well as your architectural lighting and permanent lighting options. With both businesses he uses a combination of trades. Some days he is running equipment hauling dirt and some days he is making your wildest lighting dreams come true!

Samantha De Coteau

Samantha De Coteau

Gender stereotypes can sometimes scare off women who are interested in learning a trade, but not for Samantha De Coteau.
Samantha De Coteau is an Ontario roofer who has assembled an all-female team of skilled tradeswomen from across the country called the “Summit Sisters” after finding that the vast majority of Canadians working in trades were male. The Summit Sisters advocate for the 7% of female trade workers and they’re leading a united call for better support and recruitment for women in the trades.

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